website design philosophy

Some people are intimidated by the Internet. Others just haven't found the right company to help them. No problem. We take the time to explain and "de-mystify" the web. Our goal is not only to give you a great web presence, but also to educate you about the positive impact the web can have on your business. We explain the web in plain language. We're not going to try to impress you by using a bunch of industry buzzwords and technical jargon. We know that you are focused on increasing your business and communicating with your customer, and we're here to make that happen.

Our missions statement is: "To use artwork and technology to bring our clients and their customers closer together." We believe that almost all businesses and organizations can benefit from having a website, and many business owners will agree. Unfortunately, too many of those business owners don't know why they should have a website. When you work with Foundry Designs, we take the time to explain why you should have a website, and how it will benefit you and your customers.